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The UBC Men’s Ultimate team competes primarily in the USAU College Series in the spring, with the goal of qualifying for Nationals in May. Tryouts are held in early November, from which a 20-28 man roster will be drawn up. Practices are held three times a week and the team attends several tournaments in the USA as part of the College Series.

As well, the team competes in the annual Douglas Bowl, which pits both UBC Men’s and Women’s teams against their counterparts from the University of Victoria. The individual players that have come through the program have an impressive list of achievements, both while they played for UBC and after graduation. UBC players consistently comprise a significant portion of the U20 and U24 Canadian National teams in both the Open and Mixed divisions and have won numerous accolades while representing their country.

While taking a break from playing ultimate for UBC during the summer, many players compete with local club teams in the Canadian Ultimate Championships, USAU Club Championships, and World Ultimate Club Championships. As if that wasn’t enough, some of those players also play on two local professional ultimate teams, the Riptide and the Nighthawks, in the American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate respectively. More information on individual players can be found in their profiles, which will be updated when the team roster is released.

Since 2013, the UBC Men’s Team has been coached by Marc Seraglia, former captain and current coach of the club team Furious George which has won 10 Canadian, 3 USAU, and 3 World Championships. Under his tutelage, the team has rebuilt itself, having beaten the eventual 2015 National runner-ups and coming within a single win of qualifying for Nationals. With a strong cadre of returning players, the goal of returning to Nationals for the first time since 2011 is well within the team’s grasp.

In order to ease the financial burden of attending distant tournaments while being full-time students, the UBC Men’s Ultimate team holds a number of fundraising events throughout the season. These events include a fun pub night to kick off the season, 5v5 hat tournament, bake sale, and merchandise sale featuring current and past team jersey designs.

For more information about the team and how to join please contact us through our email. Thank you!

Our team comprises a diverse range of students in faculties such as Arts, Kinesiology, Science, Commerce, and Engineering just to name a few. We are active in the community, hosting fun tournaments to raise money, and many of our player’s coach high-school teams throughout the school-year and junior teams in the summer. We offer a very upbeat environment, which Ultimate Frisbee is known for, along with Coaching Staff and Team Members that are driven to improve ourselves, and you. Our teammates come back year after year, primarily because of the positive attitude and friendships that are made on the team. Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport that involves a great deal of chemistry between players, and you will see that more senior players have picked up on each others’ tendencies, and can predict where to throw or where to cut for each other. We all have a common goal; to improve mentally and athletically, yet a large motivating factor to train so much is to play with the amazing friends on the team. If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, come to the tryouts (dates and locations posted below), and know that there is no course/life schedule that is too difficult to be a part of this team (it’s probably been done already).

Eligibility Requirements:

To be a member of this team, you will need to have experience in the sport. We do not expect you to already be an expert, but knowledge of the game, ability to throw/catch and athleticism are key to making this team. We hold 3 practices per week, two weekdays, and Saturdays, and require all members to attend unless crucial circumstances do not permit them to attend: missing practice for work is not a reason, schedule other commitments around the practice schedule. If you are a member of the team and miss a practice, you will be required to do a gym session and send in video proof of the workout.


To join, please sign-up for and attend tryouts.

Open Practices:
October 1st Jericho West (8-10PM), 15th Jericho West (8-10PM)

Open Tryouts:
October 22nd Andy Livingstone East (7-9PM), 25th, Memorial SW (8-10PM) 29th Andy Livingstone East (7-9PM)

Closed Tryouts:
November 1st Location TBA (8-10PM)

Please bring cleats, water, a white jersey, and a dark jersey to tryouts and open practices.

Team Fees:
This year we are putting an emphasis on lowering the team fees, which are high, largely due to car-rentals. We are looking for the best solutions and exploring all options. Currently, fees for the upcoming year are budgeted at $900 per player, plus two round-trip flights. These fees are paid in 3-4 installments. Fees cover the following:

Practice Field Rentals
Tournament Fees
Car Rentals
Accommodations at Tournaments.
If finances are an issue, do not be discouraged from trying out. There are always ways to make some extra money on campus for a small portion of your time. In all, we do not want to miss out on having an amazing player because of financial reasons, this can be discussed later on.

Practice Schedule:

Practices are 3 times per week.

Two weekdays 8-10pm
Saturdays 8am-11am
All practices are around the Vancouver area and are determined by the Vancouver Ultimate League (however we do request practices closer to campus).

Competition Schedule:

There are no regular set games for this league. The tournaments we do attend during the season are all in the USA. There are usually 2 flying tournaments in February to March which we attend, and about 3 road trip tournaments in April to May. If we qualify for Nationals, they will be held in Austin Texas at the end of May.

  • Canadian Western University Ultimate Championships 2015-2016 Season
    • 1st Place
  • Sundodgers Tournament in Washington 2015-2016 Season
    • 1st Place
  • Santa Barbara Invite Tournament in California 2015-2016 Season
    • 4th Place
  • Prez Day Tournament in California 2015-2016 Season
    • 3rd Place
  • Canadian Western University Ultimate Championships 2016-2017 Season
    • 1st Place
  • Stanford Invite Tournament 2016-2017 Season
    • 8th Place
  • Northwest Challenge Tournament 2016-2017 Season
    • 1st Place
  • USAU D-1 College Championships 2016-2017 Season
    • 13th Place
  • Canadian Western University Ultimate Championships 2017-2018 Season
    • 1st Place
  • Bellingham Invite Tournament 2017-2018 Season
    • 4th Place
  • Stanford Invite Tournament 2016-2017 Season
    • 12th Place
  • Northwest Challenge Tournament 2017-2018 Season
    • 8th Place

The UBC Men’s Ultimate Team was first formed in 1996 as an AMS Club by Alex “Swigger” Rosenczweig, and quickly rose to be a top competitor. In the inaugural year, the team finished 7th in North America and beat the previous semifinalists from Nationals at Regionals, all while being the only team with two women, VY Chow and Tally Vertinsky.

The following year, the team finished 3rd in North America, and finished 7th in 1998. However, due to imbalances in the bid allocation system, UBC failed to qualify for Nationals each year, as the top two teams in the nation held onto the two bids allocated to the West. In 2005 and 2011, the team qualified for Nationals in the USAU College Series, seeded 7th and 5th respectively, and was one win away from qualifying in 2009, 2010, and 2015. In the 2017 season, UBC qualified again and ended in a tie for 13th place.

While competing in the USAU College Series, the team usually competes in 2-3 tournaments prior to the final playoff tournaments. In 2011, the team won the Santa Barbara Invite and President’s Day Invite, and came 2nd at Centex, despite having only 16 players. In addition, the team also competes in the Canadian University Ultimate Championships on a regular basis, having won it in 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2012. However, the high cost of travel across the country prevents the team from competing in CUUC when hosted in Eastern Canada.

In the late 1990’s, the team became a Varsity Club, but was disbanded in the early 2000’s. In the 2016 season, the competitive team split from the recreational club, and is now an official Competitive Club under UBC Athletics and Recreation.

Name Position Email
Connor McFadyen Club Lead mensultimate.sc@ubc.ca
Felix Ma Marketing and Communication mensultimate.sc@ubc.ca
Hugh Knapp Captain mensultimate.sc@ubc.ca
Kyle Chan Travel & Safety mensultimate.sc@ubc.ca
Ryan Hoy Marketing and Communication mensultimate.sc@ubc.ca
Steve Farra Finance mensultimate.sc@ubc.ca

Each year the team holds fundraisers to help support our team’s finances throughout the season. Fundraisers include the following:

  • Fall 5V5 Hat Tournament
  • Winter 5V5 Hat Tournament
  • Gear Sales
  • Douglas Bowl
  • Pub Night
  • Raffle prizes on our Instagram page

To view the results and standings of the TSC Men’s and Women’s Ultimate Team please visit http://ultiworld.com/

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