UBC-V Sports Day Activities

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the activities that will be available at Sports Day this year. Check back in late April for the full list of activities as well as maps on where to find each of them so you can plan ahead to make the most of your Sports Day experience!

All activity leaders will be prepared with modifications for their activity to ensure that all activities are accessible for everyone to participate. It’s important to note that participants are welcome to opt out of any activity if they don’t feel comfortable participating. 

Pool Noodle Javelin 

Location: Aquatic Centre Indoor Ramp 

Activity Level: Light   

It may not quite be the Olympics, but this challenge will surprise you with its sneaky level of difficulty! Each member of your team must throw the pool noodle through the hoop.  


  • Each team member will be given 2 attempts to throw the pool noodle through the ring from the furthest distance marker.   
  • If a team member is successful, they do not need to throw the noodle again, and instead will assist in returning the noodle to their other teammates.  
  • Every 2 attempts, team members will move up to the next distance marker. 
  • Once all team members have completed the activity, they may receive their completion mark and move to the next activity!  

Mini Mini Golf 

Location: MacInnes Field 

Activity Level: Light   

Show off your putting skills in a short game of mini golf! Teams will work together to sink the ball into each of the 4 holes!  

  • Complete the Mini Golf course by staying within the course and putting into the 4 holes.   
  • Each team will receive one ball and team members will take turns putting until you complete the course.  

Inflatable Connect 4 

Location: SRC Gyms 

Activity Level: Vigorous  

In this game of Connect-4 with a twist, teams will be racing through an inflatable obstacle course, placing markers into a giant Connect-4 as fast as possible. The first team to get 4 in a row wins! Will you be victorious?  

  • This activity must take place against another team. There are two lanes in the inflatable obstacle course, one for each team. 
  • Team members will individually take turns racing through an inflatable obstacle course. Once through the course, individuals will place a marker into the giant Connect-4. Once placed, the next team members can start! 
  • The first team to connect four markers in a row wins! Win or lose, both teams will get a sticker for completing the activity.  

Wheelchair Basketball

Location: WAR Gym  

Activity Level: Vigorous 

Experience the exhilarating rush of wheelchair basketball! Each team participant must navigate a short dribbling course, finishing with 5 attempts to score a basket. Teams must score 5 baskets to complete the activity.  

  • Team members will individually take turns dribbling in a wheelchair through a short course. Once they complete the course, they will get 5 attempts to score a basket.  
  • Once a basket is scored, the next team member can start. If a basket is not scored in 5 attempts, the next team member can start! 
  • Once 5 baskets have been scored, the activity is complete! 

Spin Your Heart Out

Location: ARC Spin Studio 

Activity Level: Vigorous  

Select your team’s favourite karaoke song and get ready to spin and sing your heart out! Teams must spin for one full song to complete the activity.  

  • Team members can jump in at any time.   
  • Teams can choose a song from the karaoke playlist or go along with whatever popular karaoke song randomly comes on.  
  • Teams must stay for the duration of one full song to complete the activity.  

Thunderbird Scavenger Hunt

Location: WAR Foyer  

Activity Level: Light 

We are all UBC Thunderbirds! Learn more about what it means to be a Thunderbirds and discover some fun facts! Join us for a short scavenger hunt where you will get to discover some fun facts about being a UBC Thunderbird! To complete this activity, you will need to complete 5 scavenger hunt activities.  

  • While staying together, your team needs to find all the items listed in the scavenger hunt list. 
  • As proof, teams will need to take a team photo at each location with the item. 

Tiny Tennis 

Location: WAR Gym  

Activity Level: Moderate   

Compete against another team in 3 matches of Tiny Tennis. You’ll be using smaller rackets, softer balls and a mini size court!    

  • Standard doubles rules apply with a few modifications.   
  • Each point is worth 1, and each match goes to 5 points.     
  • Teams must complete 3 matches against another team. Win or lose, both teams will get a sticker for completing the activity.  

Squirt Bottle Relay

Location: Aquatic Centre Viewing Area 

Activity Level: Light 

Don’t be afraid to get a little wet in Squirt Bottle Relay. You’ll be using a water-filled squirt bottle to propel your team’s ping-ping ball through an obstacle course of pool toys on the pool deck.  

  • Use the bottle to squirt water to push the ball through the obstacles on the pool deck and loop around to the other side of the course. The ball must pass through the kickboards on the other side of the course to complete one loop.  
  • This is a relay style activity. Once the first team member completes the first loop of the course, they must pass the squirt bottle to the second team member who will complete the second loop.  
  • The activity is complete once teams have successfully finished 5 loops (one turn each team member).  


Location: WAR Classroom 

Activity Level: Moderate 

Dive into the intense world of goalball, a thrilling sport designed for both visually impaired and sighted individuals! With blindfolds on, rely on your senses of hearing and touch to track the ball’s sound and vibrations as you defend your goal and aim to score against your opponents.  

  • This activity takes place against another team. Teams will set up on opposite sides of the court.  
  • Two players on each team will participate at a given time. Players on the court must be wearing blindfolds. The court is tactile with tape on the floor to guide players.  
  • Players will set up along the tape (their goal line) and will use their bodies to block and defend their goal.  
  • One team member at a time, players will roll or bounce the ball to their opponents end of the court aiming to score a goal by getting it past the opposing team’s defense. Each goal counts as 1 point. 
  • Players take turns throwing the ball. After each throw, the opposing team has the opportunity to counter-attack.  
  • New players will sub-in after the two players on their team have had one throw each.  
  • The first team to 3 points wins! Win or lose, both teams will get a sticker for completing the activity.

Cheer Jacks  

Location: ARC Lower Level Studio 

Activity Level: Light  

Cheer Jacks is based on the classic game of telephone, but with cheer-jack movements instead. One member from the team will be shown a sequence of the 4 different variations of cheer jacks and shows the next teammate and so on. Pass the movement on to the end and get 3 sequences correct!    

  • The volunteer will show the member in front the 1st sequence. That member will then tap the shoulders of the next member to turn around. They will then show the teammate the cheer jack sequence  
  • If the last person in line shows the correct sequence, then the team gets 1 correct. 
  • Once the team has completed the 3 sequences correctly, the activity is complete.