UBC-V Sports Day Activities

Excited about sports day? So are we! Have a preview of some of the activities that will be featured at this year’s event!  Activities will be suitable for a varying levels of abilities and feature differing intensities.

Each activity is listed with a physical activity level to help inform decisions on whether it’s the right choice for each team and its team members.

  • Light (green coloured) physical activity equates to movements like standing and walking.
  • Moderate (yellow) physical activity means you can expect larger movements and your heart rate to slightly elevate.
  • Vigorous (red) physical activity means you can expect to break a sweat and get your heart rate pumping.
# Name Description
1 Kan Jam : Try out this game involving Vancouver’s favourite pastime, Ultimate Frisbee. Part Target practice, part team defense, KanJam might be your new summer game.
2 Trivia Jenga This game is a combination of two awesome activities, trivia and Jenga! Answer a question correctly and you get to remove a piece from the Jenga tower and replace it on top. Your team needs to add 4 stories of Jenga blocks to the top without the tower falling over. 
3 Fish-a-Lock We’re going fishing! In this activity you will fish out enough fish to gather 3 numbers. Using those 3 numbers, you will need to crack the code to complete the activity!
4 Peer Pong Face off against another team in a giant version of the classic college game, Beer Pong!
5 Relay Connect 4 The age-old game of Connect 4 comes back with an exciting twist! Teams will face off against each other in 3 rounds of Giant Connect 4. The first team to get 4 of their coloured markers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins.   
6 Varsity Scavenger Hunt Teams will be asked to complete a scavenger hunt of 5 items around the WAR memorial gym. This scavenger hunt will also provide teams a chance to learn more about the varsity sports, athletes, and mascot! 
7 UBC Foodie Fun Test out your knowledge in a short blitz of 5 quick nutrition-related mind benders.  
8 Mindfulness & Meditation Treat your brain to some much-needed rest! Your team will participate in a 10-minute introductory meditation session guided by a trained meditation professional!
9 Radical Run Inflatable Bringing together the fun of a bouncy castle with the excitement of an obstacle course! This challenge will bring out the kid in everyone. 
10 Sitting Volleyball Sit Set Spike! Play against another team in a match of sitting volleyball. Do not worry if you have never played before as we will make this a fun and exciting experience! 
11 Telephone Pictionary Test out your drawing skills in a fast-paced game of Pictionary. Each team member will have a chance to draw a picture and your team must guess each drawing correctly before you can switch. 
12 The best Defense is the best Defense Get an introduction to the world of Self-Defense with this quick, 10-minute workout that that will be challenging and informative! 
13 Bust-a-Move Before any other Latin Dance fitness class came on the scene, there was LATIN FUNK DANCE! The original tropical blend of 6 different Latin styles with a twist of Funk dance! Get moving Latin style!
14 Tour de Team Complete a 3 km spin ride as a team with an introduction with bike adjustments and safety information.  Rotate team members every 500m.