Advance Check-in

Advance check-in is available to help expedite teams at the start of Friday’s in-person event. Save time by coming earlier in the week to the UBC Life Building lobby to collect your team’s wristbands and activity passport.

  • Thursday, May 4 | 3:00pm – 6:00pm 

Only teams that have had all members complete their waiver may claim their race package during advance check-in.

Event Day Walkthrough

2023 Faculty & Staff Sports Day overview map & schedule

For teams that have completed advanced check-in (e.g. picked up wristbands, passport, etc.), please go directly to the bag check in the Life Building or the start area on MacInnes Field.


  • Teams that need to complete check-in, should arrive at minimum 15-20 minutes prior to their desired start time. Check-in is available up to one hour prior to the start of each session (e.g. 11:00 am for the 12:00-2:00pm time slot).
  • Only team captains and new team members being added to your roster need to be present at check-in.
  • Check-in is located on main floor of the UBC Life Building lobby (across from Starbucks). Look for navy blue flags and smiling faces!

Bag Check

  • A bag check will be available in the UBC Life Building. Stash any items that you bring along but don’t want to carry during the activity portion of the event.


  • Teams that have completed check-in and dropped off any bags or unneeded equipment at bag check can proceed to the start area on MacInnes Field.
  • Teams arriving prior to the start time of each activity session will be marshalled and set off for a start with a mass start announcement.
  • Teams beginning after the scheduled start time should check-in with an event staff in the start area  


  • Completed activities will be marked by event staff on your activity passport – remember to bring this along if you’ve completed advanced check-in. 
  • During the activity portion of the event, teams may visit locations at the Student Recreation Centre, War Memorial Gym, MacInnes Field, UBC Life Building, and the UBC Aquatic Centre to complete activities of varying intensities and difficulties. 


  • The finish line is located on the Northwest corner of MacInnes Field. 
  • Teams should go to the finish area once their activity passport is complete and hand it to an event staff. Then head on over to the Apres area to celebrate a job well done! 


  • Enjoy snacks and refreshments with your teammates in the Après area in the west wing of the UBC Life Building. The Apres area opens at 12:30pm. 
  • Present your event wristbands to redeem for snacks and refreshments. 
  • *New for 2023* – Enjoy a beverage from the cash bar in the beer garden area.
    • Access through the indoor Après area to the outdoor beer garden
    • Please be prepared to present photo ID (19+)
    • No in/out privileges  


  • Winners will be awarded for each timeslot.
  • Awards will be announced in the Après area.  
  • UBC-V Sports Day Champion – Awarded to the team that completes the most activities; tiebreaker to be determined by fastest completion. 
  • Team Spirit Award – Awarded to the team that is deemed to have the most fun and spirit throughout Sports Day. 
  • Individuals and teams do not need to be present to win prizes. 

Keys to Success

  • Have fun! – Whether your team gets dressed up in costumes or shares some laughs over the craziness of an activity – keeping a smile on your face throughout Sports Day is a sure fire way to ensure the day’s a success!
  • Make a plan – start your day by perusing through the activities, their physical activity levels, and their locations. Are there activities that your team absolutely wants to do? Are there activities your team does not want to do? Plan accordingly.
  • Physical activity Levels – each activity is listed with a physical activity level to help inform decisions on whether it’s the right choice for each team and its team members.
    • Light (green coloured) physical activity equates to movements like standing and walking.
    • Moderate (yellow) physical activity means you can expect larger movements and your heart rate to slightly elevate.
    • Vigorous (red) physical activity means you can expect to break a sweat and get your heart rate pumping.
  • Adapt & modify – UBC Recreation strives to promote movement that is fun, empowering and motivating for people. If you do not feel comfortable with an activity or would like to adapt and/or modify it to suit your needs, please chat with the event staff at the station. They will provide adaptations and modifications to ensure that the activity is enjoyable and comfortable for you. You also have the option to not participate in an activity should you choose to not do so.
  • Travel light – you will be travelling to multiple locations so avoid bringing along too much. A bag check is available or consider combining your team’s belongings into a single bag to bring along during your activities.
  • Dress for the weather & conditions – Vancouver weather varies greatly and with some activities being outside as well as travel across several locations, teams should consider the weather when dressing for this event. Consider wearing layers so that you can add or remove based on temperature, weather, and activities. Don’t forget sunscreen if the weather’s nice and costumes if you want to really express some team spirit!


How do I add someone to our team or replace a member of our team?

New team members can be added using the information in the original captain’s email until the roster deadline at end of day on May 3.

After this date, additional team members or replacements can be added during the event day check-in. New team members must provide a UBC employee ID and complete the waiver in order to participate.

What if we have to cancel?

Please email to remove your team from the schedule.

What do I do if I show up late?

That’s not a problem, but it will mean you will have less time for activities. All teams get 1.5 hours of time to participate in as many activities as they can or choose to during that time.

Are accommodations available on any of the activities?

Accommodations can be made for most activities. Please email with your accessibility concerns and we will provide a list of the best activities for you to attend! Activity leaders are also prepared with modifications. Please check in with them before an activity begins if you would like to have adapted guidelines!