Thinking about helping our epic student staff execute this event?

Top reasons why YOU should volunteer:

  1. You get to meet and hang out with a group of incredibly fun and interesting people
  2. We seriously have a lot of fun…
  3. You get a free t-shirt AND free food
  4. Learn the in’s & out’s of UBC Intramurals if you are interested in joining our student staff in future years!

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Any questions? concerns? Send an email to

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There will be a prize for a lucky volunteer who uses #stormthewall on Twitter or Instagram on the weekend of the event! So make sure that you have submitted your Twitter & Instagram handles via our staffing form or on the day of the event with our registration staff! You can tweet us any questions you have before, during or after the event and share your photos with us on either Twitter or Instagram using #stormthewall!!

Recent Updates:

What are the different roles?
We have various roles that include cycle transition, route marshals, registration, pool marshals and festival.

How many hours do I need to volunteer for?
We love ALL of our volunteers no matter how long they volunteer for, we accept anywhere from one hour to 8 hours or more!

Is there food?
Snacks and water will be distributed throughout the day, and depending on the length of your volunteer shift lunch may be provided.

Are their plans for weather?
Make sure you bring a waterproof jacket, we run our events rain or shine! But we will do our best to keep you as dry and warm as possible.

Is there a training session?
There will be a volunteer orientation session, if you were unable to attend please make sure that you have spoken to or you email the staffing coordinator about your duties!

Do I need first aid/what if someone gets hurt?
In most areas there will be someone on hand who has first aid. If you aren’t sure or comfortable talk to your area leader who will be able to direct the situation into the correct hands.

If I need a reference letter to prove I volunteered how do I get one?
Just let the staffing coordinator know that you will need a letter of proof of service and we will be able to get one to you shortly after the event.

How can I have more fun at UBC Triathlon?
Use our #TRIDU to document your day!
Talk to some of the Intramural staff to find out more about what we do!
Cheer on participants, imagine how exhausted they must be!
Get your snack on!

Do all teams also get champion shirts?

All winners will receive champion shirts!

Where can I park?
North Parkade on the UBC campus is the most convenient, it costs $10 for the day and is located on Student Union Blvd.

I forgot my student/staff ID! Can I still race?
Student ID is preferred, but we will also accept government issued ID.

What are the distances for all the parts of the relay?
Swim: 225m (9 widths of the UBC pool)
Sprint: approximately 500m (to be confirmed)
Bike: 3.5km
Run: 1 km
STORM: get your team/self over that 12 foot wall!

I'm competing in a Just For Fun category - do I need to compete all of those laps in the pool or on the bike?
Just for Fun teams do not advance, so if you just want to do one lap in the pool or on the bike and then continue - go ahead!

When will I know when I advance?
All results will be posted on the Storm website by 8pm on the same day.

Where is registration and where do I leave my bike?
The biker, runner and wall person check in at cycle transition to register. The sprinter and swimmer check in at the pool.

Do I need a race number to participate
Your swimmer will get stamped and your runner get's your team race number. No one else on your team will have any identification number.