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We invite all Vancouver tennis players to come experience the UBC Tennis Centre – the only public indoor tennis facility in Vancouver





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Tennis Talk – March 2019

The UBC Tennis Centre’s High Performance programs are preparing for an important season of tournaments on both the national and provincial level. High Performance Director, Sasha Boskovic, shares some of his insights on how he prepares his athletes to perform at their best in pressure situations.

“These kids are training at such a high level year round, they need to be peaking constantly”, says Boskovic. “I feel whether it’s an ITF, a national or a provincial tournament – you need to be engaged the same for each event. At this stage in their tennis careers, they should be motivated to give all they can on and off the court – mentally, physically, tactically and technically.”

Boskovic adjusts his weekly training sessions to fine-tune his players for high-stakes matches.

“When it is tournament time, we’ll step up with more point play and designated pressure scenarios. The players will feel the pressures of playing points with the same atmosphere of playing a tournament during our regular training seasons. Otherwise, our program consists of more drilling with high intensity, high volume training based on a specific tactic or theme of the week.”

For any athlete, it’s important to take care of yourself on and off the court.

“A lot of what we talk about for preparation is what to eat and how to warm up before matches, as well as analyzing an opponent’s strength and weaknesses and how you’re going to exploit them. We really focus on setting up a game plan – not only for yourself – but how you’re going to play any given individual on any given day.”

By Aneesa Heatherington

UBC Tennis Centre Update – Ball Machine Out of Order

At this time, unfortunately our Tennis Ball Machine is Out of Order. We apologize for any inconvenience while we are working to fix this issue. We will post another announcement as soon as the ball machine becomes available again.
Thank you for your patience in this matter.

UBC Tennis Centre Staff

UBC TSC Tennis hosting Western University Tennis Championship | March 2, 2019

Catch your UBC Thunderbirds Men’s and Women’s Tennis Sport Clubs competing for the title of best in the west this Saturday, March 2nd at the UBC Tennis Centre. Teams will be facing off against perennial rivals, the University of Alberta, for the title and a chance to represent Western Canada at Tennis Canada’s University Tennis Championship this summer in Toronto, ON.

The women will be starting the afternoon off against the defending national champion Pandas with their doubles matches starting at 3:00 PM. Keep an eye out for first year standout Madison Fan who went undefeated all year in singles matches and only dropped one doubles match up all season.

The men will kick off their evening following the women’s team play, around 7:00 PM.

Below are the full line ups for this weekends match up:

Men’s Team Line Up 


1. Wesley Bertsch/Danny Wu
2. Kristian Kiland/Barak Jacob
3. Alexandr Kim/Dickson Zhuang


1. Wesley Bertsch
2. Danny Wu
3. Dickson Zhuang
4. Barak Jacob
5. Alexandr Kim
6. Andrew Oh

Women’s Team Line Up 

1. Jessica Silva/Madison Fan
2. Yizhen Song/Martina Capelli
3. Abi Heninger/Michelle Lim


1. Jessica Silva
2. Madison Fan
3. Yizhen Song
4. Michelle Lim
5. Abi Heninger
6. Martina Capelli
7. Luna Crawford
8. Nina Erdevicki

For all highlights and results follow both teams on Instagram.

UBC TSC Men’s Tennis 

UBC Women’s Tennis 

Volley Workshop | March 14, 2019

Thursday March 14th | 11:00AM-12:00PM

Looking to improve on your volley, look no further! This workshop will review the proper fundamentals, progressions and technique used to hit effective volleys in both singles and doubles situations. Players will learn the technique used to hit deep volleys, drop volleys, angle volleys, and how to finish points at the net. Players level 3.0 and higher are encouraged to participate, however 2.5 level players are also welcome. To register and learn more visit our webpage!



Singles Play Workshop | March 7, 2019

Thursday March 7th | 11:00AM-12:00PM

Looking to improve on your singles game, look no further! This workshop will review the tactical and physical elements of singles play. Players will learn effective rally patterns, how to put pressure on their opponents, learn when the appropriate time to attack is, and play the net. Players level 3.0 and higher are encouraged to participate, however 2.5 level players are also welcome. To register and learn more visit our webpage!