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Our Mission: By offering comprehensive tennis programming from a professional staff we will strive to be leaders in the Lower Mainland public tennis community. We will provide the facility, instruction and service required for people of all ages and all levels of playing ability to improve their skills and enjoy their tennis experience.

We invite all Vancouver tennis players to come experience the UBC Tennis Centre – the only public indoor tennis facility in Vancouver





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Dylan’s Story: Finding a Better Work-Life Balance

Dylan works at the UBC School of Kinesiology and had not swung a racket in 14 years before coming to the UBC Tennis Centre. Now he’s progressed through Clinics and Drills and is playing at a competitive level during his lunch hours.

“Having a reason to get away from work and exercise during the day has been great for my work-life balance. It’s a really low-pressure environment and it’s convenient that it’s right on campus for me.” – Dylan

Natural Gas Curtailment Notice

Effective Wednesday, December 12, UBC Energy & Water Services in conjunction with Student Housing and Hospitality Services, UBC Athletics, and Building Operations will be reducing the temperatures in all buildings across the University where feasible.

The temperature reduction is urgently needed due to a pipeline rupture this October near Prince George, which has diminished provincial natural gas supplies. Slightly reducing temperatures within buildings can significantly reduce our use of Natural Gas and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Please make sure that if you plan on visiting our facility in December that you bring appropriate layers for on and off the court or warmer clothing, especially if you know you are easily responsive to colder temperatures. Our apologies for any inconvenience during this time as UBC does its part to reduce Natural Gas consumption.

Please visit http://energy.ubc.ca/coolcampus/ for more information on how UBC is reducing its use of Natural Gas.

Josh’s Final Fresh Take: December 2018 Edition

A Toast, To Tennis

Coach and Communications Lead, Josh Martin, weighs in on topics in the world of tennis and shares his two cents.

Tennis has given me the opportunity to connect with so many individuals over the years, some of whom have become very close friends of mine. As a kid growing up in New Westminster, I would always attend the local summer tennis camp every July. It was a four-week long camp that consisted of a tournament in the very last week. It was something to look forward to at the end of the school year, to get outside, enjoy the weather with some friends, get some exercise, and work on my tennis skills. The tournaments were an obvious focal point of the camp and each year I took it more seriously, and ultimately became more competitive in the sport. However, looking back on it now, it is obvious to me that it was not the most important part. It created another platform to connect with individuals in the neighbourhood and lead to creating stronger bonds with friends that I already had. Tennis was a social activity that brought my friends and I together. It acted like a glue in those dog days of summer every single year until I graduated high school.

Years later, tennis gave me the opportunity to work here at the UBC Tennis Centre. For the past three and a half years, I have been working at the Centre as a Coach and as the newsletter lead while I attended school at UBC. I have learned so much more about the game from so many incredible coaches here who I have been privileged of working alongside. We often discussed the different doubles strategies, serving techniques, and about all the different ways you can get in to your opponent’s head. I am extremely grateful.

I have also learned how to become a stronger communicator, how to lead a class and how to connect with both youth and adults alike. All of which I have become incredibly passionate about and are reasons why I have chosen to become an educator. This July I will complete my Bachelor of Education degree and be certified to teach in schools all over the Lower Mainland. This also means that my time here at the UBC Tennis Centre is coming to and end. A bitter-sweet feeling as it will be sad to move on from so many amazing clients, fellow staff members and memories.

If I was never given the opportunity to coach here, I doubt that I would ever discover that teaching is something that I wanted to do. If I never went to those summer camps as a kid every July, I would have never worked at the UBC Tennis Centre. And if I never played tennis, I would have never created those friendships and connections that I still have today.

As sad as it is to move on from the UBC Tennis Centre, I am looking forward to this next chapter. To me, tennis is not just a sport, it is so much more (Grinch reference anyone?). It has given me incredible friendships and opportunities. It has shaped me as a person and given me piece of mind. It has meant a lot to me. I have nothing but warm memories associated with this wonderful sport and I will continue to create more memories for years to come.

Thank you, tennis.

Josh’s Fresh Take, signing off for the last time.

Tennis Racket Stringing Services Suspended Until January 4th

The UBC Tennis Centre Racket Stringing Services will be suspended from December 10th until January 3rd. The first available date for any rackets dropped of during this time frame will be on January 4th. Unfortunately we are currently unable to guarantee our regular 48 hours turnaround until January. If you would like your racket to be strung before January 4th, we recommend visiting Rackets and Runners on Oak Street. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Happy Holidays!

Dawn’s Story: Finding High Performance Tennis Development

Dawn organizes the Singles League at the UBC Tennis Centre. She has also participated in our Adult High Performance Clinic to develop her game. She loves the Singles League because it provides a friendly yet competitive environment that focuses on growth and development in to high performance players.

“I’ve had the ability to develop and grow my game on-court, and I’ve met people which have developed into great friendships that will last a lifetime.” – Dawn