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Barry’s Story: Finding a Tennis Community at UBC

Barry started playing so he could play with his partner who plays quite regularly, but it’s turned out to be so much more than that for him. Being a professor at UBC, the UBC Tennis Centre was a convenient place to start. He now regularly books courts and participates in Seniors Tennis as well as the Staff & Facility Drills each week!

“The UBC Tennis Centre has morphed from a place to play and into a community for me. The groups that I play in have a wide range of abilities and competitiveness, and no one is turned away.” – Barry

Why do you like about the programs at the UBC Tennis Centre?

Barry: Number one, the people are a lot of fun to play with. But I’ve also gotten so much from the coaches and it’s really helped progress my tennis game. I still can’t beat my partner, but I’ve been getting closer!

What do you like about the Seniors Tennis program?

Barry: It’s really quite amazing. You’ve never met these people before and then you start playing with them and you’re a part of the community. And everyone is very positive regardless of the level that you’re at.

What is your favourite moment from playing at the UBC Tennis Centre?

Barry: There was one time that I beat a coach in a singles match. I don’t know how I did it – but it was really fun and satisfied my competitive spirit. It’s great when you’re playing and people are making incredible shots, and everybody is so ecstatic for each other. It’s really heartwarming to be a part of this community.

Are you looking to find a Tennis Community?

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