Leadership – Future-ready Leaders

Program provided in partnership with Dolphin Kids™

Build key future-ready skills for innovation, social connection, and resilience! Young leaders will engage in a variety of our POD (play, others, and downtime) activities to build their creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and contribution skills. From mindfulness activities, public speaking exercises, collaborative outdoor games, and a community building contribution project, young leaders will learn neuroscience-based tools for 21st century success!

Children will experience:

Downtime: Deep breathing, attention training, gratitude journaling, and mindfulness practices to build resilience and a positive “growth” mindset.

Others: Empathetic listening, visual storytelling, persuasive speaking and community building exercises to develop enhanced leadership and contribution skills. 

Play: Practice with out-of-the box thinking, wild brainstorming, anti-group think and imagination exercises, to develop their adaptability and innovation skills.

Consent Form: Dolphin Kids™ Consent
Please email a completed copy to ubc.camps@ubc.ca or bring a hard copy on the first day of camp.

Available Sessions

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