Online Waivers and Team Roster Functions

As a participant in Intramural Programs, stay up to date with your game schedules, track your statistics, and complete your online waivers for intramural programs.

Click here to sign your Waivers for Intramural Leagues & Event here.

An Online waiver must be completed to be eligible for intramural leagues and events and can be completed before or after being added to a roster.

Team Roster Functions

As a team captain, the following section allows you to manage your intramural teams.

Team Roster Additions

The initial roster submissions and the addition of individuals is an available function to a team roster up to to the roster deadline.

Individuals submitting a team roster will require a “Team Number” and “Team Access Code.” The “Team ID” and “Team Access Code” remain valid for the duration of the term and are required each time a captain adds players to their roster.

This information will be emailed to the team captain or individual registering the team after the registration deadline. Please note that it may take up to several hours after the registration deadline for the email to be delivered. If by the following business day, you have not receive an email with the “Team Number” and “Team Access Code” information, please contact the league or event organizers.

Click here to make Team Roster Submissions & Additions

Team Roster Removals

To remove individuals from a roster, you will need the same “Team Number” and “Team Access Code” that you used to add players, and you’ll need to click here.