*New* for Fall 2024 | Youth Development Program

Introducing the new “Youth Development” program for Fall 2024!

What’s new in fall 2024? For the upcoming season, we’re introducing the new “Youth Development” program! Tailored for players engaging in tennis multiple times a week who can serve, rally, and score, this stream focuses on enhancing skills through structured training and match play. It’s designed for young players transitioning from recreational to more competitive training, ideal for strengthening fundamentals and gaining valuable match experience. Approval from the Competitive Program Coordinator is required to join.

Learn More! For more details on how our tennis lessons for youth work and to explore our Tennis Junior Pathways, please view the document below, or download a copy here.

Not sure which program is best for your child? Email us at tennis.centre@ubc.ca to learn more and schedule an assessment for the Development, Competitive, or High Performance programs.

We look forward to seeing your child on the court and nurturing their passion for tennis! For any questions, feel free to reach out to tennis.centre@ubc.ca or speak with your tennis coach or front desk staff.