Dan Read


Dan Read has been training in martial arts for 35 years, and teaching Hapkido for almost 30. In addition to Hapkido, Dan has a well-rounded background in a variety of other fighting arts, including Karate, Kendo, Tai Chi, and Escrima, as well as historical European martial arts and modern approaches to self-defence. He has trained in Japan for two years, where he studied Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, the style from which both Hapkido and Aikido originate.

Hapkido is a versatile Korean martial art that combines kicking and hand striking with joint-locking and throwing techniques, as well as weapons techniques at higher levels. Hapkido training emphasizes physical fitness, effective self-defence training, and practice that balances challenge with safety.


2nd degree black belt in Hapkido, certified as a black belt and an instructor by the Canadian Hapkido Association.

James Chartier


With 30 years experience, James holds multiple black belts, certificates and gold medals in Jujutsu, Karate, and Judo. The majority of training is in practical street self defense (last 16 years) in Krav-Maga & Combat Jujutsu. Students James has trained in classes include security staff, law enforcement and the general public of all ages.

Teaching Philosophy: Krav Maga (Hebrew: “Contact Combat”) is the Israeli military system combining techniques from multiple martial arts along with realistic street attack scenarios. With a focus on constant evolution, it features real-world situations along with efficient and brutal counter attacks designed for women & men of all size/ages. Krav Maga teaches skills to diffuse confrontation but to then finish a fight as quickly as possible when necessary. Students build confidence and are empowered with practical self defense (mental and physical), preventative strategies as well as protection from stand-up, ground, multi-attacker, weapons and more. All training is done in a fun, respectful and egoless environment where everyone works together to accomplish there goals. The result is a confident, aware and empowered individual that criminals don’t want to target in the first place! Learn more at:


Krav Maga Black Belt and certified Israeli Krav International instructor, Combat Jujutsu Black Belt & senior instructor (IFOJJ), Karate Black belt (GoJu-Ryu) certified Japan/Canada. Director Hit and Run Self Defense street safety and personal protection programs including Krav-Jitsu.

Other certificates include: The Ultimate Martial Arts Workshop, Total Submission Personal Protection and Fighting sciences, Level 1, 2 & 3 Nightclub Protection (public relations, legal issues, security operations, personal protection and combat control tactics), assistant instructor. Total Impact Instructor for women in areas of combat psychology, offensive fighting skills, strategy and tactics.

Emergency Certifications: First Aid, CPR and AED (Red Cross)


Louisa Weizmann


A full time self defense instructor (Hit and Run Self Defense), Louisa has over 25 years experience, holds multiple black belts and is one of the few female street safety specialists in North America. With gold/silver medals in various fighting arts, she empowers students by providing realistic training and practical self defense classes for all ages.


Krav Maga Black Belt and certified Israeli Krav International instructor, Combat Jujutsu Black Belt instructor (IFOJJ). Karate Black belt (GoJu-Ryu) certified Japan/Canada teacher and women’s self defense specialist. Director Hit and Run Self Defense street safety and personal protection programs including Krav-Jitsu.

Other certificates include: S.O.A.R Level 1, 2, 3. Intense wilderness survival training.

Emergency Certification: LEVEL HCP (CPR and AED) designed for Health Care Professionals


Yoshio Ishimura


Aikido is based on the principle of non-conflict. In Aikido, one uses powerful circular movements to blend with an opponent’s attact and redirect the attack into a throw or immobilization, bringing the conflict to a peaceful resolution. Aikido helps develop one’s flexibility, stability, and coordination of body and mind.


30 years of experience practicing Aikido in Japan and Canada

18 years of teaching Aikido at UBC


Alexander Kask


Alex is a direct student of Ono Yōtarō-sensei of the Chōfūkan Dōjō in Kyōto, Japan, who is the 16th lineal headmaster of the Bitchū-den linegage of Takenouchi-ryū Bu-jutsu, one of Japan’s oldest and most respected martial traditions. Takenouchi-ryū is recognized by historians as the first school of jū-jutsu. Alex is the highest ranked teacher of Takenouchi-ryū in Canada. He is ranked as a Shihandai (associate master) by Ono-sensei. He regularly hosts seminars by teachers from Japan as well as leading trips to Japan for direct training with the masters of this art.

Alex commenced his martial training in 1976 and in the decades that have followed studied a number of disciplines from various countries before having the opportunity to learn the classical Japanese martial arts while living in Japan in the 1990s. He holds black belts and licences in four different martial arts. After decades of such varied training, he came to appreciate the comprehensive subject matter of Takenouchi- ryū, the dynamic combative effectiveness it has maintained for five centuries, and the transformative potential it holds for its students. Alex has been an instructor for the UBC Sports and Recreation Program since 1997 during which time he has taught literally hundreds of students the classical martial arts. During that time, he has developed methods for how to best leverage their inherent abilities/attributes and realize their potential. He has been pleased to see over the years the multi-fold ways in which the training has benefited students from a variety of backgrounds.

Alex is the author of five publications on the Japanese language, has written for Black Belt magazine, and is a recognized expert on Japanese martial culture.


Shihandai Associate Master’s Licence, Bitchū-den Takenouchi-ryū Bu-jutsu
Daigeiko Teacher’s Licence,Bitchū-den Takenouchi-ryū Bu-jutsu
Shoden Teacher’s Licence, Tenjin-Shin’yō-ryū Jū-jutsu
Shodan Daitō – ryū Aiki Jū-jutsu Jū-jutsu


Ken Stavenes


Ken began training with the UBC Judo Club in 1995 and has been instructing with UBC Judo for the past 10 years. During his time at UBC he has also had the opportunity to train with other martial arts clubs including the former UBC Arnis Club and former UBC Sambo club.

He believes that Judo is taught as both a sport and a martial art. The UBC Judo club focuses equally on the various aspects of judo. As a sport, it is a fun and high-intensity activity, which develops overall strength and endurance.


2nd Degree Black Belt

NCCP Level 2 Certified Instructor (National Coaching Certification Program)


Lucas Trottier


Tai Chi Chuan translates are “Supreme Energy Fist” and can be regarded as one of the most highly developed martial arts in the world. Using the meditative qualities of Qi Gong and the principal of softness over hardness, Tai Chi Chuan allows anyone of any age to develop better health and mindfulness along with an effective form of self defense that doesn’t rely on physical strength.

Lucas Trottier has been teaching Traditional Tai Chi Chuan with UBC Recreation since 2010. He is also a Traditional Karate/Kobudo Instructor and is trained in Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu, Goju Ryu Karate, Chin Na, and Qi Gong.


20 years of Martial Arts experience
Teaching full time since 2009


Daniel Pugh


Sifu Daniel Pugh is a disciple of Master Raymond Cheung and has been teaching Hung Gar Kung Fu for over 10 years.  With its roots in the Southern Shaolin Temple, Hung Gar Kung Fu has been used for centuries to train the body, spirit and mind.  Known for its strong stances and powerful striking techniques, Hung Gar stresses not only the development of external strength, but also internal energy.  Training is done both individually and with partners, and incorporates a variety short, long, and flexible weapons including the broadsword, three-sectional staff, and spear.


Daniel has competed in both National and International competitions where he has received numerous awards and medals including Adult Black Belt Grandchampion at both Tiger Balm Internationals and West Coast Can-Am Championships.  He has also served as Head Dragon and Lion Dance Instructor for the Hung Gar Association of Canada, as well as Dragon and Lion Dance Coordinator for Wushu BC.  Daniel has led teams performing at a wide variety of events, including the Annual Chinese New Year Parade and Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.



7th Degree Instructor by the World Organization of Wushu and Kung Fu Masters

Head Dragon and Lion Dance Instructor for the Hung Gar Association of Canada

Dragon and Lion Dance Coordinator for Wushu BC

Head Instructor, University Neighbourhood Association (UNA) Kung Fu Program




Gosha has been training Muay Thai since 2009 and has invested his time in several professional gyms, including ones overseas. He was taught the fundamentals of the sport by Chase Ingalls, a 4-time Muay Thai world champion. Presently, he is attending the Engineering Physics program at UBC, and primarily training in Sanshou with the UBC Kung Fu club.


Gosha strongly believes in both the physical and mental benefits of martial arts. He strives to make a friendly and easy-going environment where everyone has an opportunity to achieve their goals. Outside the gym, Gosha enjoys road cycling, kayaking, and taking time away from the desk for some calisthenics.


Hiro Inoue


Teaching younger generations ’How Not to Fight’ with training how to use the sword most effectively


Roku-Dan (6th Degree) of Iaido at All Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR).
Nana-Dan (7th Degree)
Officially Citified Instructor at World MJER Iaido Federation (Iaido Kokusai Renmei)
Has taught Iaido with UBC Recreation for over 20 years and was also an instructor of Shorinji Kempo with UBC Recreation for a few years before starting to teach Iaido.