“Moves with the Move U Crew” Podcast: Walking at the Beach

Credit: UBC Recreation / Kirsten Call

Now that summer has arrived, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself at a beach soon. Haven’t visited one yet? No problem! Here are the many options you can choose from starting from UBC and working eastward:

  • Wreck Beach
  • Spanish Banks
  • Locarno Beach
  • Jericho Beach
  • Kitsilano Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • English Bay
  • Second Beach
  • Third Beach

Pick a beach and pop in some headphones, as this month’s episode on “Moves with the Move U Crew” is a 5-minute guided walk on the beach. Similar to Episode 2 “Walking in the Rain”, I lead you through a mindfulness exercise while you walk, so you can sharpen each of your senses and feel grounded with the beach. If the beach is not your cup of tea, consider playing Episode 5 for a guided walk in the forest! 

“Moves with the Move U Crew” episodes are available for streaming on Spotify and RedCircle.